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Ubar - Wubar in Dhofar, Oman

Ubar (وبار) also spelled Wubar, modern day Shisr (الشصر), is an archaeological site in Dhofar province of Oman, many names have been given to the lost city since its discovery in 1990 CE, Ubar, Wabar, Iram (ارم), and Atlantis of Sands being a few of many. Artifacts indicate the city came into existence before 2800 BCE Legend holds that it was destroyed by God because of the debauchery of its residents, but new evidence indicates it was destroyed, perhaps around CE 100 to 200, when a large limestone cavern beneath it collapsed. Located on a slight rise in the barren section what is now southern Oman known as the "Empty Quarter (الربع الخالي)". The fortress' large well was the only source of water for several days' journey.



Monday, 15 February 2021