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Byzantine Architecture and Wall Painting in Turkey

For centuries Anatolia was the home and center of the Byzantine Empire (324 - 1453 and 1461), consequently hundreds of buildings from different periods have been preserved, albeit many only as ruins ... For a number of years / two decades, a growing number of even younger Turkish colleagues actively engaged in researching and preserving Byzantine cultural heritage.

Byzantine wall painting has been neglected for a long time, and often survived only in fragments. Recently a very well illustrated book has been published by Vincenzo Ruggieri and Alexander Zäh, Visiting the Byzantine wall paintings in Turkey (Rome: Edizioni Orientalia Christiana : Valore italiano, 2016). Flyer Visiting Byzantine Wall Paintings in Turkey. Book ordering at amazon. See also his updated article on the Ala Kilise in Caria here.



Thursday, 09 July 2020